Rudel ยป Modes
Global Rudel minor mode

Introduction Introduction

Rudel's user interface consists of several modes. There are global minor modes and buffer-local minor modes. Each buffer-local minor mode has an associated global mode which enables or disables the buffer-local minor mode for all buffers. Currently, Rudel provides the following modes:

Modes can be enabled or disabled via functions or via the Rudel menu entry.

Global Rudel minor mode

Introduction Global Rudel minor mode

global-rudel-minor-mode adds a menu entry and global key bindings for Rudel. The menu entry is visible regardless of the current buffer or its publication state. However, individual menu items are enabled or disabled according to the states of the session and the current buffer.

Header subscriptions minor mode

Introduction [Global] Header Subscriptions minor mode

rudel-header-subscriptions-minor-mode displays subscribed users and information concerning their respective status in the header line of a buffer. Its associated global minor mode, global-rudel-header-subscriptions-mode enables or disables rudel-header-subscriptions-minor-mode automatically for all buffers.

Global Rudel minor mode

Introduction [Global] Mode line publish state minor mode

rudel-mode-line-publish-state-minor-mode displays an indicator of the publication status of a buffer in its mode line. This indicator is similar to the read-only vs. read-write and the remote vs. local indicators. Publication is indicated by a P. Buffers that are not published have an - indicator. The associated global minor mode, global-rudel-mode-line-publish-state-mode enables or disables rudel-mode-line-publish-state-minor-mode automatically for all buffers.